Finland wins the Nordic Championships 2016 final 30 – 14


Team Finland snatched the gold from team Sweden in the Nordic Championships final 2016 @Myyrmäki urheilupuisto arena

Team Finland are Nordic Champions 2016 after using a dominant defensive performance to topple the Swedish offense, 30 – 14. Both teams played high-class football and the final game offered breath taking moments to the crowd.

In the first half both teams shined in defensive plays and forward moving was quite difficult for both offenses. Sweden played tough defense and it succeeded to minimize the Finns offensive progress well. The lion defense showed also their claws in the first half and it didn’t make the Swedish running back Vilinhton Tengroths day an easy one.     

Although both teams defenses were in the spotlight in the first half, the offenses flashed some big highlight moment plays. Daniel Luoma 35 yard field goal and Juhani Veijula touchdown reception put the Finns in lead. The Swedish team didn’t leave the first half without scoring. The Swedish thunder thigh Vilinhton Tengroth slipped past from the lion defense and stopped in the end zone. After first half the score was       10 – 7 for  the Finns.

In the second half the Finnish offense started to fly

The second half of the game the two teams played the most physical football in the tournament. The Swedish offense jumps to a fast start in 3rd quarter. Running back Vilinhton Tengroth blasted away an 80 yard run from the Finns defense and gave Sweden four point lead ( 10 – 14 ) . The Finns offense got themselves together very fast and punched three touchdowns, ( rushing, receiving and rushing) getting the lead ( 30 – 14 ) back. When the Finnish defense succeeded to close team Sweden’s offensive progress in the end of the second half, the Swedish team ran out of ideas how to brake the lion spirit. Team Finland kept the lead safely and snatched the gold from team Sweden in the Nordic Championships final 2016  30 – 14.

Finland managed to squeeze a huge victory over Sweden with great teamwork     

- I feel great, we had a great team victory, we fought hard and we just kept going and we knew we were going to beat them. I think it was the atmosphere we had in the sidelines and on the field and we just never gave up, says the game MVP Markus Haapasaari when asked the reasons for the huge win.

- Well it was as tough, physical and cold  as expected so it was everything we were getting ready for. Team Sweden was physical and they were big. They know how to play, says Team Finland’s headcoach Tero Virtanen during postgame press conference.