Kansainvälinen toiminta

In 2015, up to 100 players born in 1995, 1996, 1997 and 1998 will be selected for the 

World Development Team.

Purpose of the World Development Team

The World Development Team is designed to offer the best under-nineteen players from 

around the world a camp in which they will develop their technique, fundamentals and 

football skills. All the emphasis of the camp will be on the development of the assisting 

athletes to be the best football players they can be. Players are given an opportunity to be 

instructed by some of the world’s top USA coaches with ample experience in the NCAA and 

the NFL. Among the objectives of the camp is to develop into a player that can contribute to 

his country’s national team program.

All players that participate in the World Development Team will receive an evaluation from 

their position coach and the opportunity to practice and compete with the best players in 

the world, as well as staying in touch with their football coaches and the IFAF strength and 

conditioning coach to be evaluated and followed year round.

The World Development Team is also an opportunity for more IFAF members to be involved 

in the program. The coaching staff will strive to select at least one player from all IFAF 

member countries that nominate eligible players so that the players can bring to their own 

countries the experience and knowledge obtained in the camp.

In the span of six days international players will have the chance of practicing twice daily 

through practices designed to develop their football skills at the same time they are 

evaluated by means of sophisticated performance sessions conducted by the IFAF staff.

The 2015 International Bowl Program

At the end of the camp, the best 50 players who will have demonstrated their ability, skills 

and talent will be selected to play a game against the USA Football Development Team. The 

International Bowl will be played on Saturday, January 31, 2015 at Dallas Cowboy’s AT&T 


IFAF World Development Team will train and compete against the United States in the 2015 

International Bowl series. During the International Bowl week there will be a joint practice